Freeworld for all!

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Jul 14, 14
Hello everybody!

After some talks with various players about there not being much to do on the server other than mine I have came up with an idea to give all prisoners access to the Freeworld and to make factions! With this, you will be able to create bases, raid them and also make factions with your friends!

You can now access the Freeworld with /warp free!

Any further suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

- Kyle.

Plus - There's a 35% off summer sale on the store for a week or two!
KLRocks100 What did u get banned for dragonfurry10?
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Regular Cube Prison

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Jul 1, 14
So most of you probably know by now that the original server isn't doing as well as it used to. This can be mainly because it has been open for a long time now and with the release of the OP prison. 

Slowly over a period of a few months after around January this year, the regular amount of players slowly decreased and with that so have the store donations. We are now at a point where the regular prison bill far exceeds what we have had donated to us, and with that said I am announcing the closure of the original Cube Prison which will take effect on the 15th of July 2014. 

Any users that have made store donations within the past 30 days will have the option to message me on the forums asking for credit on the OP prison, as this will from now on be my main project to work on and I will devote a lot of my time to it to make it the best experience for you guys. 

I would now like to personally call out all staff members for helping me run the server, and all the users that have supported the server whether that be just by playing and being loyal or financially. 

Before you ask below whether the server is for sale, it is not and I wish to keep the memory of Cube Prison under my rule. Why, you may be asking? I would like to keep the memory of Cube Prison a good one that everybody remembers and I fear that if it was given to somebody else it wouldn't be ran in the way I would want it to. 

We have had some great memories on the original server and it has outran many competitors in the ever-growing Minecraft server world and with the release of OP prisons it has just slowly been on the decline, but with that said I believe that the OP prison will last just as long as the original prison and so far has shown to be more successful and I'm already having a great time on it. I personally apologise to any poor decisions that has been made on the original prison and I hope we can put them all in the past and enjoy the time that we have from now on whilst playing the OP Prison.

Plans to open a new server have been rumoured to be "Replacing" the Normal prison and I can confirm now that all rumours that have been thrown around as of now have not been confirmed and may or may not happen, you should stay tuned to see in the future to see the development in Cube.

Thanks for the good memories everybody, it has been an absolutely awesome year and I look forward to seeing everybody on the new server! The IP for the OP prison is so join for a great experience.

- Kyle.

tomkp123 There should be a drop party.
jimmyjoe1997 Prisoner It's for the best. I was a great experience with you all. Best of luck and wishes to all and especially Kyle. Goodnight. ...
KLRocks100 awe :'( y do u have to get rid of it :'( (sadface)
Intense lag has attacked! D: What are we gonna do?
Guess whos back ;) Thanks to fatal + kyle, love you <3
hello all, sorry that i have been gone for so long i will be back on friday around 1PM EST
Hey Kyle can you fix Hero mine please it's not working right. I only get 1 block per block i break. Fortun wont work in Hero mine i dont know why though. Could you please fix it soon. Thanks
KYLE i pissed cuz i cant warep o
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