Name Changing!

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Feb 8, 15

Hey guys, just to let you know that we recommend that you do not change your name otherwise it will reset your rank. If you do change your name, please drop me a message ingame and I will do what I can to resolve any issues :)

Thank you for playing!

- Kyle.

Ith Prisoner I dunno if this carries over but Last year, I was _Awoken, before the prison reset, and I had hero, a plotmine and was ...
Budpags Prisoner i changed my name to kirito_SAO_04. so can i pleas have my rank back
ThatBritishGam3r Prisoner I changed my name from evaninho to ThatBritishGam3r I was rank L I started to level up but resolving it would be great.

A new start!

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Dec 9, 14
Hello and welcome everybody to Cube Prison!

Some of you may have been here before and remember the success that we had before our closure, so I am here to bring back some of them memories and have a fun time! 

I hope you enjoy playing our new server, I will see you ingame!

- Kyle :)
luggen999 Prisoner KyleStevens_ , i just changed my name from luggen999 to DextoY and for that i need to level up all ranks again.. Even ...
TeamNuffy2 Prisoner kyle i got banned for doing nothing me and my friend were trying to go on a different server together so we could play o ...
DvlCODKing Prisoner Kyle i love your server but like for mod apps and stuff i think they take a little to long for you to give a reply.
Thankyou Kyle!
Kyle please can I have my pic?
KYLE its pooping again
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