Chest Keeper.

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Apr 13, 14
This is regarding the 1.8 update which will allow you to change names. As many of you know they will be switching to UUID's (universally unique identifier) which, if you don't know will cause BIG issues on some servers, mainly prisons as they rely on plugins to function correctly. Plugins such as Essentials, Worldguard, Groupmanager, SimpleRegionMarket (cells) ect ect will be updated and the switch over should be smooth. However we may come into some problems. It has come to my attention that our beloved "Chest Keeper" plugin hasn't been updated since January of 2013 and is now a discontinued plugin, which means that they will not be switching over to the UUID system as it is outdated and the developer has just disappeared. I am taking the action now to prevent problems and large item loss in the future to announce that the Chest Keeper plugin will be disbanded very shortly and we should begin preparing for the removal. Do not worry, you can still use it as of now and it will be announcer in-game and on the forums when we will be replacing it; yes, we will be replacing it with a plugin that probably allows access to /chest or something like that. Unfortunately there aren't any plugins which allow access to sign chests such as Chest keeper which is why I have used it for such a long time. I will be researching all of the plugins we have which should be a big job and communicating with developers to make sure the switch is smooth and there is no data loss. Regarding when we will actually be updating to the 1.8 update after it comes out I do not know. Plugins are already being worked on for 1.8 such as Essentials and GroupManager as I contacted them a few days ago, so hopefully others are preparing for this too - I believe all of our other plugins are still being frequently updated. All other things such as Bans, OP list, Whitelist and all of that junk should be updated automatically by Bukkit. Not sure if any of this has made any sense to you, but heres a few links which will explain it in more detail.

"Bukkit - The Switch to UUIDs"

Mojang name changing FAQ

Any more complications I will let you know of, I hope some of you can make sense of this and let others know the situation if they are struggling to figure out whats going down.

Thanks for reading this essay,

- Kyle.
cooljett Prisoner This is not youtube cheese. (They do that on youtube)
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Drop party!

[Owner] KyleStevens_ aOwner posted Mar 21, 14
Heya guys! Hope you've all had a great week! Make sure that you're online at 9PM GMT this Saturday for a SUPER AWESOME drop party! Thanks for your support, cya there hopefully!

- Kyle.
Mineyo66 Prisoner I always miss dp's because Kyle hostes them at the time I cant play
[VIP] (R3B3L) Soldja Prisoner So fricken epic! 4 god shovels! xD god pickaxe full set of god armor and tons of nice gapples! Love the gapples! Hope to ...
Legit_Midget_ Prisoner It was fun! I am hoping to have another one!
It's My B-Day! Woo! :d
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Hopefully fixes itself :p
For some reason it says the servers offline, even though it's not :p
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